Yotpo Loyalty for Square
powered by Multiconnect

Frequently Asked Question

Can the shopper use name or phone number to identify themselves?

After providing the email and any other details in Square for the first time, the same shopper can identify themselves and be added to future purchases by simply providing their name, phone number or other identifiers.

How do I redeem a coupon from Square POS?

To redeem the code in the Square POS in a sale transaction, do the following:

  • Tap Rewards -> Tap Redeem Rewards -> Tap Use Code
  • Enter the coupon code your customer has provided
  • Select the coupon to apply it to your customer’s cart
  • Add the customer to the transaction after the code is applied

Why is “no matching discounts found” coming up when I enter a code into Square?

Make sure you are looking in the ‘Rewards’ section instead of the ‘Discounts’ section.

Why cannot I see the ‘Rewards’ option?

The Rewards option is only available from the Square POS application on Android and iOS. It is also available on the Square POS physical terminal.

The Rewards option is not available from the ‘Virtual Terminal’ checkout on the Square dashboard. You will need to use one of the apps.

Why am I getting error message “Reward Code Not Found”?

Check the following:

  • Confirm the code was entered correctly into the Square terminal
  • Confirm the code was generated in the customer led in-store experience (not brought over from an online / email campaign e.g. refer a friend), which is limited to online purchases only.
  • Confirm that the customer led in-store experience is only offering coupons that were created as 'Custom Coupons' for use 'in-store only' and the coupons were generated through Multiconnect.
  • The coupon may have already been used in Square.

I forgot to enter the customer email

In order to get rewarded for in-store purchases, shoppers need to identify themselves to the clerk and be added to a purchase ideally before completing their purchase. It is possible to add a customer to a transaction once the transaction has been completed.

From your online Square Dashboard, bring up Transactions and open the sales receipt you want to add the customer to. There will be a button for Issue Refund or a button for Send Receipt. Next to those are three dots. Click the Dots and it will say "Add Customer". You can then add the customer to a transaction you have already processed.

Please note, the transactions that have a customer added after the purchase was completed will not always be sent through to Yotpo straight away. You will have up to 24 hours to add the customer to the order and it will be retried after that period.

Why did the customer not receive loyalty points even though they have a contact in the Square directory?

In order to get rewarded for in-store purchases, shoppers need to identify themselves to the clerk and be added to a purchase before completing their purchase.

If ecommerce platform account, the same Opt-in Loyalty rules will apply to in-store purchases and customers who do not have an ecommerce account will not receive points, even if they identified themselves and have a contact in the Square directory.

Why did the shopper not receive a coupon code although they had enough loyalty points to make the redemption?

Make sure your redemption rewards were set up properly in Yotpo and try again.

The coupon codes will only be available to the shopper through the application if they have been set up as an ‘In-Store’ coupon and the coupon type needs to be ‘Custom Coupon’. There needs to be some coupons generated through the Multiconnect site to allow the shopper to generate a coupon through the in-store experience.

You can check if there are any available coupon codes from the Yotpo rewards page.

Why is the discount amount incorrect when I use a coupon on the Square POS?

The discount amount comes from the number that is typed into the field ‘Coupon Value in Cents’ on the Yotpo loyalty admin.

To check this amount, find the coupon in the list and click the ‘Customize’ button. This will display the details for the selected coupon.

How do I know if an order came from In Store?

In your Yotpo Loyalty Admin you will see ‘Custom / API’ as the channel for the orders that have come from the in-store integration.

Just find your purchase history and you will be able to see these orders here.

Can I tell which location the order has come from? How do I create rules for specific locations?

Currently in the Yotpo Loyalty Admin there is no way to view the location that an order has come from.

However, Yotpo is aware of the location that the order has come from. When an order goes through the connector software and is sent to Yotpo, an order tag is added to the order. The order tag contains the exact name of the location that has been set up in Square.

Using this information, you can create rules for specific locations.

To do this go to your Earning Rules section in the Yotpo Loyalty Admin and create a new rule. 

Type the locations to set up the rules for in the second box. Multiple locations can be added by separating the name of each location with a comma.

Note: The names of the locations should exactly match your location name that is set up in Square.

Is there a way to set a prefix for the coupon codes that get generated through Multiconnect?

Currently (as of October 2022) there is no way of doing this, but this feature is being considered for a future update.

How can I view the order in Yotpo?

Log into Yotpo, within the Customers section, click into the customer, you should see the transaction and appropriate point balance, according to your settings.

If you are not seeing the order show up in Yotpo, make sure:

  • You configured Multiconnect to the correct Square and Yotpo accounts
  • Your order processing status in Multiconnect matches the order status configured for your Ecommerce platform within the Yotpo Loyalty Settings page.